Emergency Dentistry


We understand that having a dental emergency can be stressful, especially when your child is involved. When your child has a dental emergency, we are here to help. We are trained to competently handle a wide range of dental emergencies. We reserve time in our schedules for same day emergency visits. Give our office a call at 419-401-7171 to see how we can help. After hours emergency calls will be directed to an emergency number.

Here are some common dental emergencies:

1. Cleanse the area around the tooth. If there is food stuck between the teeth, floss it out. Warm salt water rinses can help alleviate some of the tenderness around the gums
2. Apply a soothing compress
3. For pain, administer over the counter children’s ibuprofen or Tylenol
4. Give our office a call at 419-401-7171 to schedule an appointment for an exam

Permanent Tooth has been “knocked out”

With permanent teeth that have been knocked out, time is of essence. The sooner we can appropriately treat the tooth the more likely we can save the tooth in the future. Give our office a call immediately at 419-401-7171

1. Touch the tooth only by the crown [top portion]. Do not touch the root portion.
2. Rinse the tooth carefully with water and try to place the tooth back into the socket. Hold the tooth in place by carefully biting on some gauze or a clean towel. Proceed to our office or the nearest emergency room for immediate treatment
3. If you cannot place the tooth back into the socket, place it in milk and proceed to our office for immediate care or the nearest hospital

Baby Tooth has been knocked out

1. Locate the tooth
2. Apply gauze and pressure for about 10 minutes to stop or minimize bleeding
3. Give our office a call at 419-401-7171.
4. We do not replant baby teeth as it could cause permanent damage to the adult teeth. However, an exam is always recommended to evaluate the area and ensure the other teeth and surrounding bone are not damaged

Object stuck between teeth

1. Attempt to dislodge object with floss
2. Never use anything sharp to try and get object out as it could cause more damage
3. If you are unable to remove- give our office a call at 419-401-7171 and we will assist you

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