Restorative Dentistry


+Tooth colored fillings
+Silver diamine fluoride


There are several reasons why a tooth may need a crown: extensive decay, deformities in the enamel or outer tooth layer, a traumatic injury to the tooth or after nerve/pulpal treatment. A crown can help protect and maintain the tooth until the tooth is ready to naturally come out. At Firefly Children’s Dentistry we offer a variety of options including stainless steel crowns and Zirconia tooth colored crowns. In fact, our doctor is a certified provider for Sprig zirconia crowns.

Tooth colored fillings

If your child needs a filling, Firefly Children’s Dentistry has you covered. All the fillings that we do at our office are tooth colored and we try our best to make sure we use a shade that matches that of your child’s teeth. We use these fillings because they are most esthetic and will practically be invisible to the naked eye. Call our office today to schedule your child’s appointment!

Silver Diamine Fluoride

Silver Diamine Fluoride, or SDF, is a way to stop a cavity from getting larger without having to use traditional methods of removing the decay and then placing a filling. We apply the SDF as a“paint” on top of the teeth. It is used as an alternative treatment to stop progression of decay until the child is better able to sit for treatment in office. It is a safe, non-invasive method and can sometimes allow us to avoid sedation or general anesthesia. Come in today to find out if this is an option for your child!

Space Maintainers/Spacers

One of the most important functions of a baby teeth is to guide and hold space for permanent teeth until they are ready to come in. If a baby molar is lost prematurely, in order to prevent other teeth from drifting and closing the space, a spacer may be indicated. Most times, we can fabricate the spacer chairside at one appointment. At every 6 month cleaning, we will monitor the eruption of the permanent teeth and remove the spacer once we see the adult tooth coming in. Removing the spacer is a fairly simple procedure. Remember, with spacers you always want to avoid any kind of sticky or chewy candies.


At Firefly, we are dedicated to making sure your child has a healthy smile. Sometimes that means that an extraction may be indicated if we are faced with a problematic tooth or a tooth that is blocking the eruption of permanent teeth. Other times, the orthodontist may need to have teeth extracted to help make space. Whatever the reason, we will work to make sure that the appointment is as comfortable as can be for your child. With most kids, we will use laughing gas to help relax the child during treatment.

Pulp/Nerve therapy

When decay is extensive it could reach the innermost layer of the tooth, the nerve. If this happens, we need to treat the nerve of the tooth. However, this procedure is a lot simpler and faster than it sounds. Once we remove the decay, we will complete a deep cleaning on the tooth. Most likely, after a tooth receives pulp therapy it will need a crown. With most kids, we will use laughing gas to help relax the child during treatment.

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